What Are the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes?

What Are the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes?

Some symptoms of type 1 diabetes and symptoms of type 2 diabetes are common, while some of them are very much different.

Increase in thirst and urination

As the extra sugar gets build up in the bloodstream, the fluid is pulled out from the tissues of the body, increasing the thirst of the person, due to the extra use of the water the person starts to urinate much.

Increase in appetite

Without the required insulin, to make the sugar move into the cells the body feels drained and overworked. This results in the increase of the hunger.

Erectile dysfunction

This is one of the most common symptoms that is found in men, and is also considered as a pre-diabetic condition. The blood vessels get clogged, due to which the male faces trouble getting or keeping the erection. Sometimes it may also result in the complete nerve damage.

Weight loss

If the patient is still eating more than the usual amount of food, than still he will be losing the weight. The reason behind it is that without the presence of the energy sugar in the cells the muscle tissues and fat starts to shrink rapidly.


This is the most common symptom, as if without doing any physical activity the person still feels that he has wasted a lot of his energy, and feels drained.

Blurred vision or vision problems

When the sugar levels become high, than they start to damage the nerve tissues. This makes the fluids to be pulled out from the eyes, resulting in the damage of the retina, this is also seen among the type 2 diabetes in children, as it may result in the blurred vision, further leading to complete blindness.

Darkening of the skin

This is called as the acanthosis, and is a prominent sign of the insulin resistance. Dark patches of skin appear on the armpits or on the neck.

Slow healing process

The cuts and bruises start to take more healing time than the normal time that is required for the healing process.

Frequent infection

Due to the sugar that starts to build up in the blood stream the person gets more prone to getting the infections than the past.