Michelle Obama The First Lady Shares Her Diet And Workout Secrets

Michelle Obama The First Lady Shares Her Diet And Workout Secrets

First Lady Michelle Obama shares her diet and workout secrets, it’s refreshing to see that the First Lady of America and her husband workout most days of the week. They obviously know that having such a busy schedule it’s impossible to keep good health without working out and keeping your body and mind in good shape.

Michelle who was 5 foot 11 says that she hits the gym between 4:30am and 5:30am before her children get up in the morning. As you can well imagine being the president of America and being the first lady their work schedule must be so hectic. But if someone that busy can make the time to workout there doesn’t seem any excuse for the rest of us not to have some kind of physical activity in our lives. As Michelle says further down in this article taking 30 min a day or even training three times a week is enough to keep anybody in decent shape and keeping the fat levels and bay.

Try What The First Lady Does To Keep In Shape

Barack and I work out every day, Michelle told iVillage Aug. 21, 2012 in her first feature as guest editor. When he isn’t traveling, that’s the first thing we do. So we spend time together in the morning. I usually get to the gym before he does, but he is usually there either in the middle of my workout or right at the end.

The First Lady says lifting weights is an integral part of her training. You don’t have to be a weightlifter, she says. I know a lot of women get worried about muscle definition. But actually, I’ve been told by fitness experts that the average person will not bulk up on the weights that we can lift. That’s not why people bulk up.

You want to have some weight training in your routine, especially as women, to make sure we’ve got strong bone density. And it helps with that toning, those little areas that we don’t like that flap a little bit, that aren’t as tight. That’s where lifting comes in, once you’ve gotten your cardio in there.

Michelle also tries to do yoga and Pilates regularly and maintain a steady weight. I try to keep my weight at a certain level, she says. And I’ve found that as I get older I don’t like to diet. I like food. I don’t like to have to worry and count every calorie.

Obama doesn’t let anything keep her from her daily workouts–not even a hectic travel schedule. I bring a jump rope and some of those rubber [exercise] bands, she says. “They’re really inexpensive. And I can usually do some rope-jumping in the hotel room.

The First Lady, who launched the Let’s Move anti-obesity campaign in 2010, underscores that being active on a daily basis is doable, no matter how busy one is.

What people should know is that it just doesn’t take much, she says. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. If I don’t have a rope or if I don’t have space, I might do a 30-minute routine that includes a minute of jumping jacks alternating with a minute of pushups, or however many you can do, and then some sit-ups. And you keep doing that circuit again and again, and you’ll find that you’re going to build up a lot of sweat. You’re going to be burning calories. To read the whole article go here.

As Michelle Obama shares her diet and workout secrets, at Get Health Naturally everyone here works out at least 3 to 4 times per week using different activities to keep the body working and staying in shape the best way possible. We all know that keeping the body well trained is not only good for your health but for your mind as well, and it’s a great way of keeping stress at bay.

If you don’t work out just now take the time to go for brisk walks at least three times per week, now this doesn’t mean hillwalking you can literally walk on a flat surface for between 20 to 30 mins three times per week and this will guarantee that you keep your body in a cardiovascular state. This will help at Keeping your fat levels down as long as you watch your diet, this will help at keeping your heart in good condition as well. One of the side benefits of doing regular cardiovascular training is that you will have more energy to do the things you love rather than feeling everything is in effort to do.

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