Jealous of the Early Birds? Here’s How You Can Wake Up Earlier!

Jealous of the Early Birds? Here’s How You Can Wake Up Earlier!

When it comes to an effective and efficient work schedule it’s essential to make sure you get the most out of your day and the best way to do that is to wake up early. Of course this is easier said than done and when life is hectic it’s a tough ask to keep things ticking over from an early hour.

However, fear not, with a few little adjustments to your everyday life you can make getting up early a much easier goal to achieve. Here are some helpful tips and advice to get you started;

1. Set your goals;

Having a reason to get out of bed, even when the weather is telling you otherwise, is a really good way to keep yourself motivated. Set your goals the night before, write a list and ensure you give yourself something nice to do too. The occasional breakfast out can be a good incentive as can an appointment with a fitness instructor or gym class.

2. The Big Sleep

Being over tired in the morning is no help at all so getting to bed a little earlier makes things a great deal easier. Being tired makes achieving your goals harder and will inevitably add up over a longer period, leaving you feeling drained and dispirited. Enforce a strict bedtime, without computers, television or paper work and relax with a good read before you nod off.

3. No second chances

When that alarm goes off resist the temptation to snooze for another ten minutes. Tempting as it is, one ten minute snooze can lead to another and another until you’ve wasted a whole morning. Slowly rise from your sleeping position and switch that alarm off. Get yourself into the shower and wake yourself up with an invigorating wash and a good breakfast.

4. Run a routine

Just as young children benefit from a regular routine, adults too can be helped with a little structure and stability. If you’re really committed to waking up earlier then don’t just get up early during the week, get up early at the weekends too. As your body adjusts and gets used to the routine you’ll find it easier to drag yourself out of bed. With a little time you may even wake up automatically and without the need for such a loud alarm!

5. The ‘what ifs’

Keeping in mind the consequences of staying in bed is a good way to stay motivated, especially when your business, finances and friendships stand to benefit. Losing time in the mornings may mean missing important meetings, less time with your family or missing important deadlines. Never forget that getting things done early means more time in the evenings to relax.

6. Review and reward

By reminding yourself of what you’ve achieved each day you’ll feel there’s more point to keeping to your schedule. When you’ve completed a weeks worth of early starts and achieved your set goals reward yourself with a day out, shopping trip, social event or special meal. This reward system works for adults just the same way that it does for youngsters!

Apply yourself to such tasks and you’ll soon start seeing the difference. Every day really can be a fresh and exciting challenge, just remember that an early rising has rarely become so just by chance.

Lloyd is a freelance writer and blogger who is currently writing for Archers Sleep Centre.