Moroccan Argan Oil For Natural Beauty

Moroccan Argan Oil For Natural Beauty

Argan oil is nature’s gift from Morocco. The Argan tree is found extensively in Morocco and its oil is now recognized as a compelling solution for all kinds of skin problems. The Moroccan Argan oil has been traditionally used to treat skin conditions by the local people since time immemorial and it is only now that the world has become aware of its rejuvenating impact on the skin. True Moroccan Argan oil should be golden in color and if it is somewhat brown then it has probably been prepared after roasting the seeds.

Argan oil is hard to derive as it is taken out from pressing its tiny seeds and is one of the most expensive oils available for skin care. But its remarkable qualities make it worth the price. This oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which are extremely beneficial for the skin as well as the hair. Its unique moistuizing qualities make it ideal for rehydrating the skin. It is commonly used in somewhat expensive moisturizers and other skin care products.

However using Moroccan Argan oil in its pure form has its own advantages. It is an extremely light oil which is easily absorbed by the skin. Thus it becomes perfect for direct use and can show almost immediate results. As argan oil makes your skin supple and soft providing it much needed elasticity which helps to keep it looking young and glowing. It has noticeable effect on dry skin, fine wrinkles and lines and helps to eliminate them. This makes it a very potent anti aging product. Its direct use is preferred as cosmetics generally contain fillers which dilute its impact.

The Moroccan argan oil is also recommended for acne prone skin. Being non greasy it does not clog the skin pores which is an incriminating factor in acne. It gently hydrates the skin and helps to relieve the itchiness normally associated with acne. It is a well known fact that if the skin is too dry it stimulates excessive oil production by the oil producing glands and further compounds the problem of acne.

But the Moroccan Argan oil is not just for the skin. It also helps to keep your hair healthy. Its moisturizing capacity prevents hair from becoming too dry and brittle. It is known to counter the effects of chemicals used for cosmetic treatments of the hair. Therefore if you frequently dye your hair or have other processes such as straightening and curling performed on your hair argan oil can help to reduce the impact of harsh chemicals that strip the hair of its natural glow.

The Moroccan Argan oil strengthens nails and prevents them from becoming too brittle. There is nothing more ugly than frayed or broken nails. If applied regularly overnight it is absorbed by the cuticle and makes the nail stronger and healthier. Beautiful long nails add a touch of elegance to your hands.

The Moroccan Argan oil is a wonderful addition to your beauty regime and can bring about a natural glow to your skin, hair and nails.